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JEFFCOOL® E100N is an inhibited ethylene glycol used as a heavy duty stationary engine industrial coolant. The inhibitor system is designed to protect brass, copper, solder, steel, cast iron, aluminum, and other metals commonly found in industrial stationary engine systems. A foam inhibitor is included to minimize foaming tendencies during service.

The effectiveness of JEFFCOOL® E100N Inhibited Ethylene Glycol in preventing corrosion has been proven in extensive laboratory simulations and in actual service tests.

CAUTION: JEFFCOOL® E100N Inhibited Ethylene Glycol(s) must not be used where contact with food or potable water is possible.



Stationary Engines

JEFFCOOL® E100N Inhibited Ethylene Glycol is recommended as a coolant for stationary engines in applications such as natural gas processing, irrigation, power generating systems, oilfield operations, and portable air compressors. JEFFCOOL® E100N Inhibited Glycol is specially formulated to provide protection of cylinder liners from cavitation corrosion. JEFFCOOL® E100N Inhibited Ethylene Glycol protects the cooling systems from freezing in winter, overheating in summer, and corrosion in all seasons. The reduction in internal corrosion significantly improves heat transfer and lowers overall maintenance costs. Use in engines containing aluminum cylinder heads should be avoided.

JEFFCOOL® E100N Inhibited Glycol has been tested by the ASTM D1384 and D2809 corrosion tests and found to pass by ASTM D4985.

JEFFCOOL® E100N Inhibited Glycol is fully compatible with other water/glycol products designed for similar applications.

JEFFCOOL® E100N Inhibited Glycol is now accepted for use in all heavy duty engines under these brand names:

  • Ajax
  • Caterpillar
  • Cooper Bessemer
  • Dresser-Rand
  • Enterprise
  • Superior
  • Waukesha

Propylene Glycols


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Sample test kits are free of charge to Third Coast customers who purchase JEFFCOOL® Inhibited Glycols. Kits are available upon request. The kits include: self-addressed shipping box, pre-labeled sample bottle, weather-proof self-adhesive product installation tag and detailed sampling procedures. Analytical results from the samples will be forwarded to customers.

A Material Safety Data Sheet for JEFFCOOL® E100N Inhibited Glycol is available on this site by clicking here.


JEFFCOOL® E100N Inhibited Ethylene Glycol is available in bulk trucks, nonreturnable 55-gallon poly drums, and 275-gallon totes. Bulk and packaged material is available from our Pearland, Texas Facility.

Technical Service is available from the laboratory located at Third Coast Terminals in Pearland, Texas.