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Packaged Food Freezing JEFFCOOL ®P200 Inhibited Propylene Glycol(s) USP has been developed to meet the requirements for a heat transfer agent in spray and immersion freezing of packaged foods. These freezing processes provide a means of economically quick-freezing the outer layer of packaged foods before final freezing in a freezing room. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has approved JEFFCOOL® P200 as a coolant and heat transfer fluid for use in immersion or spray freezing of packaged poultry or wrapped meat in official establishments operating under the federal meat and poultry products inspection program.

Defrosting Freezing Coils

Freezing tunnels are often utilized in the preparation of frozen foods. In the freezing tunnel, high-velocity air passes over cooling coils to chill the food. As the air passes over the coils, a layer of frost forms, which reduces the heat transfer efficiency of the system. To prevent frost formation, a cold, aqueous solution of JEFFCOOL® P200 Inhibited Glycol is approved by the USDA for defrosting cooling coils where the exhaust air from the coils varies over a wide temperature range.

Beer Cooling

One of the most successful applications of JEFFCOOL® P200 Inhibited Propylene Glycol USP is as a heat transfer medium for beer cooling in breweries. This product may be utilized to cool fermentation tanks, yeast storage tanks, and beer storage tanks.

The noncorrosiveness and low toxicity of JEFFCOOL® P200 Inhibited Propylene Glycol USP offer many advantages over refrigerants such as brine, ammonia, water, or uninhibited propylene glycol. Small amounts of JEFFCOOL® P200 Inhibited Glycol affect neither the yeast nor fermentation of the beer.


Other Industry Applications:

  • Wineries
  • Beverage and flavoring companies
  • Candy companies
  • Canneries and preservers
  • Dairy product companies
  • Bakeries
  • Distilleries and breweries
  • Meat processing and meat product companies
  • Pharmaceutical producers
  • Poultry processing plants
  • Vegetable and animal oil processors
  • Grocers display cases
  • Ice manufacturers

Propylene Glycols


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Sample test kits are free of charge to Third Coast customers who purchase JEFFCOOL® Inhibited Glycols. Kits are available upon request. The kits include: self-addressed shipping box, pre-labeled sample bottle, weather-proof self-adhesive product installation tag and detailed sampling procedures. Analytical results from the samples will be forwarded to customers.

A Material Safety Data Sheet for JEFFCOOL® P200 Inhibited Glycol is available on this site by clicking here.



JEFFCOOL® P200 Inhibited Propylene Glycol is available in bulk trucks, nonreturnable 55-gallon poly drums, and 275-gallon totes. Bulk and packaged material is available from our Pearland, Texas Facility.

Technical Service is available from the laboratory located at Third Coast Terminals in Pearland, Texas.